Copenhagen’s Best Bars

From cozy cocktail lounges to natural wine bars and organic breweries, here’s where to drink in the Danish capital. 

Rasmus Malmstrøm
OF 14

Like the city’s world-famous dining scene, the drinking and nightlife options in Copenhagen are superb and ever-expanding: A recent interest in cocktails has spurred a boom in fun new concepts with innovative drinks made by some of Europe’s top-rated bartenders; local darling Mikkeller Brewing has rescued Danish beer lists from Carlsberg and Tuborg, sparking a local craft brewing rennaissance and opening a few must-visit establishments along the way; a Danish love of all things organic means several interesting options for sustainable sipping, including a family-run brewery in Norrebro and a couple of Noma-approved biodynamic wine bars on the canals. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the food at most joints is as palatable as the drinks are delicious, and the atmosphere is as carefully considered as the menu. While Danes don’t go out every night of the week (check the hours before visiting: Many bars on this list are only open Thursday through Sunday) when they do, they really like to have a good time—brace yourself for heavy crowds and a few patrons who may have over-indulged, especially in trendier spots near the city center.