The Best Bakeries in Montreal

There's way more than French-inflected pastries to sate a sweet tooth in this globalized city; here, our 10 favorite spots for a fresh-baked treat.

Mickael A. Bandassak / Courtesy Patrice Pâtissier
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Though Montreal’s most famous baked good is its very own style of bagel, a skinny, slightly sweet sesame-encrusted ring, best sampled hot at Fairmount Bagels and St. Viateur Bagel, the Canadian destination is a mecca for bread and pastry lovers of all stripes. The French DNA of the city is alive and well in its boulangeries and pâtisseries, which not only follow France’s culinary blueprint but also claim the fragrant loaves and luscious desserts as a local's birthright. Still, there's more to Montreal’s thriving baking culture than buttery croissants and crusty baguettes. In Little Italy, pasticcerie churn out textbook sfogliatelle; some of North America’s finest Middle Eastern sweets are made here; and Jewish specialties continue to flourish. Read on for 10 of Montreal’s best spots for bread, pastry, and everything in between.