You Can Rent This French Home That Once Belonged to Claude Monet

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Art lovers looking for the ultimate creative space can book a stay at the idyllic Blue House once owned by Claude Monet in Giverny, France.

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The home, which is currently listed on Airbnb, is located in the heart of Giverny, a village in the region of Normandy in northern France that the artist lived and worked in for several years.

The house was purchased by Monet in the 19th century and was home to one of his vegetable gardens, according to the property’s owners.

While Monet had his own home and now famous garden in Giverny, which travelers can still visit today, he also owned The Blue House (also known as La Maison Bleue) where many of his friends would stay, according to the Irvine Museum.

Today, the house sits surrounded by more than 16,000 square feet of gardens. 

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Thanks to its location in a quiet part of Giverny, the home offers a relaxing escape while still remaining in close proximity to museums and restaurants.

Courtesy Airbnb

Having undergone complete renovations in 2016, the three-bedroom and three-bathroom home is now furnished with a combination of both modern pieces and antique furnishings that draw back to its historic origins.

The entire home is available to rent, though guests can also choose to book portions, like the ground floor, for less.

To book:, from $224/night

The ground floor includes a kitchen, two living rooms with plush seating areas, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Meanwhile, the first floor also includes two additional bedrooms and two bathrooms. Outside, visitors will find a charming garden with swings.

While the home is located in a rural area, a maid living nearby is available to assist guests with any needs. Rates start at $224 per night.

A garden at spring in Giverny, France. irakite/Getty Images

Travelers who happen to be in Giverny can also visit the home Monet lived in for 43 years, where the lily pond and blooming gardens that inspired some of his most noted works can be found.

At Monet’s house, visitors can also step into the artist’s first studio, where he worked until 1899, and see his bedroom, lined with artwork.

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