Travel Company Launches a Once-in-a-lifetime Private Jet Itinerary to Antarctica's Most Southern Point

Martin Hartley/Courtesy Red Savannah

The $96,000 package allows you to also visit an Emperor Penguin colony.

In January 2018, I was lucky enough to visit Antarctica. But, to get there was quite a journey involving four flights and two days of sailing on the roughest seas in the world. While I love the adventure, I understand that it’s certainly not for everyone. Luckily, there’s another alternative. Red Savannah, an award-winning luxury travel company, just announced a new itinerary that lets you explore the continent by private jet.

Yes, Antarctica by Private Jet is a 10-day trip that starts and ends in Cape Town, South Africa with incredible Antarctic adventures in between. While those on cruise ships might only get to scoot along the northernmost tip of the continent, this itinerary includes a visit to an Emperor Penguin colony, exploring ice tunnels, and spending a night in the South Pole.

Red Savannah partnered with White Desert, who created the home base for the trip: Whichaway Camp. After a five-hour flight on a Gulfstream, guests will be whisked off to the camp that included a private heated pod, blankets, and pillows to ensure you’re warm during the stay. From there, you can explore the whitewashed surroundings and indulge in decadent dining whipped up by the on-site chef in the communal dining tent.

Each day after includes visiting nearby ice caves, jetting another couple of hours to see far-flung penguin colonies, and stopping by a research center. But, the best part of all has to be the overnight at the South Pole. You will fly another seven hours south with a refueling stop along the way to stand at the most Southern point in the world; a feat few have accomplished. What’s more, is you’ll get to set up camp for the night and embrace your inner explorer before returning to camp the next morning.

Your trip ends back in Cape Town where you can choose to warm up and spend the night at the stunning Ellerman House or make alternative arrangements.

And if you’re wondering about the environmental impact this private jet travel will have on the precious continent, the two partners ensure the itinerary is operated on the ground with an accredited CarbonNeutral team that has a zero impact policy. A significant proportion of the camp is powered by renewable energy, all of the emissions are offset through a portfolio of carbon projects for the flights, and all human waste is transported out of the destination.

“The Red Savannah team is always looking to introduce new and exciting itineraries to ensure that our clientele can embark on unforgettable journeys,” said Charlie Lockwood, Red Savannah’s Antarctica specialist. “Importantly, this journey respects the environmental sensitivity of Antarctica, operating in accordance with the environment tourism guidelines of the Antarctic Treaty as well as a zero impact policy by the local organizers.”

The cost for the trip of a lifetime? The itinerary starts at $96,000 and includes roundtrip private jet transfers from Cape Town to Antarctica, flights in Antarctica to/from the South Pole and Emperor Penguin Colony, all accommodations, food and drinks including alcohol in Antarctica, and guides and all activities.