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Step Inside the World's Biggest and Most Expensive House—And It Could Fetch As Much As $350 Million

The 100,000-square-foot house is packed with amenities.


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The One is the ultimate property in Los Angeles, if not the world. Why? It’s the world’s largest and America’s most expensive home and it could fetch as much as $350 million when it hits the market. And it was just outfitted with $3 million worth of custom furniture that’s entirely shoppable.

At a staggering 105,000 square feet, the Paul McClean-designed home spans six acres in Bel Air and has an impressive 42 bathrooms and 21 bedrooms. It houses virtually every amenity, including an event room, salon, full-sized movie theater, spa, bowling alley, club, fitness center, massive rooftop deck, master swimming pool, cigar room, outdoor screening room, car gallery, separate tequila tasting room, wine room, and Champagne room.

Not surprisingly, the design project was unique, with every floor having its niche and particular design intent. From the beginning, many competing needs ultimately became the strength of the final design. The design needed to be sleek but intimate and design-forward, but minimal. It needed to speak to a home that could host a party of thousands in the nightclub, pools, casino, or an intimate scotch and cigar. That’s where interior design firm Vesta came in, which could provide the custom furnishings to fit the space.

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“The home is built on a scale that very few designers get the chance to work on,” Julian Buckner, CEO of Vesta, told Departures. “The house has everything which made bringing so many unique spaces together to tell one consistent story and achieve a consistent flow a challenge.”

The firm brought the balance and density of the furnishings that drives much of the visual conversations, from an arresting 2,000-square-foot living room with 300-pound monolithic stone coffee tables to an entry with 30-foot ceilings, void of anything but sculpture and flowers. The initial vision for The One was steeped in Italian modernism. While much of that look has been adopted into new trends, there has been a steady movement away from Italian glam towards more curated and nuanced modernism.

Key pieces include the Vincenza Sofa in the Cigar Room with a low profile, clean lines, and overfilled cushions to create the ultimate relaxed lounge. The Estelle Dining Chair that was transformed for the project in deep tones ground the room in contrast to the soaring ceilings. The curved back shape also helps soften the rigidity of the formal dining space. Incredibly, the final design was completed from scratch in just two months.

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“The pieces created for The One are luxurious and modern with contemporary elements, pops of color, and soft touches to make space feel like home,” said Buckner. “The furnishings create vignettes to help soften the iconic monument and create a livable, warm, and inviting home.”

While the home will be available to purchase for only one lucky buyer, Vesta made the entire home shoppable by each room on its website.


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