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An Entire Island in Fiji Is Up for Auction

And there’s no reserve.


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Have you ever dreamed of owning a piece of paradise? Well, now is your chance as a private island in Fiji is up for auction with no minimum bid.

Mai Island, located near the island of Vanua Levu, is a stunning 32-acre property that offers everything you’d want in a tropical getaway. It boasts a quarter-mile of picturesque white-sand beaches, deepwater anchorage for yachts to easily moor, waterfalls, 100-year-old palm trees, stunning coral reefs to explore and a freshwater lake. And the structures built on-site are worthy of five-star hotel praise.

There is a primary house that’s a cozy 750 square feet with one bedroom, one bathroom, and a common living/dining area. Step outside on to a sprawling deck, and you’ll have unobstructed views of turquoise waters while sunbathing or enjoying cocktails. The decor is classic Fijian with lots of wood and floral imagery. Two additional staff quarters are located in another part of the island.

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Sound heavenly? There’s more. The unique island is also home to a 300-year-old archeological site. The foundation of a chieftain’s home, which “was surrounded by a hand-dug valley and wall to protect the important residence. Once the site was cleared, a path to a freshwater spring was discovered; this path ends in a 6-ft by 4-ft bath chiseled into the stone, filled by the spring above.”

Though it takes a bit of effort to get to the island—90 minutes by boat or a quick helicopter ride—it is remarkably self-sustaining. There are hundreds, lots of local vegetables, and sea life to ensure you can have every meal without leaving.

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“Upon arrival, relax. Time flows differently here,” reads the listing. “Take a deep breath and step onto the warm sand of a private, tropical island, surrounded by lush gardens, colorful wildlife, fragrant flowers, and warm breezes.”

The property was initially listed for $4.2 million but is now being auctioned off on July 25. The best part is that it has freehold ownership status, which means that it can be purchased by individuals living outside of the country. Only eight percent of land in Fiji has this designation.


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