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Inside an Ultra-Luxury Wellness House Listed for $40 Million

Just being in this house could make you healthier.


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Developers are always looking for new ways to attract buyers. Homes for sale in Dubai came with a European passport, and a penthouse condo in Miami was sold with a $3.2 million Aston Martin. But with society being more stressed out and wellness-obsessed than ever, developers are trying to offer living spaces that are more a retreat than anything else.

San Francisco-based luxury home creator, Troon Pacific, is leading the charge when it comes to wellness-centric homes building Residence 2646 (on sale for $29.8 million) and Residence 950 (listed for $40.5 million). So, what do you get for such a price tag?

Well, Residence 2646 will be one of San Francisco’s most sustainably built properties featuring everything you’d expect from a city mansion, like views of the Golden Gate Bridge, four luxe bedrooms, a guest suite and au pair suite, a thermal and humidity-controlled wine room, car vault, European White Oak hardwood floors, and more. As far as the wellness amenities, the home will be one of the area’s most sustainably built properties. Plus, it will have a fitness center, massage room, expansive hardwood deck that doubles as an outdoor yoga studio, an indoor/outdoor garden room, and outdoor oasis.

Residence 950 boasts much of the same with five bedrooms plus a detached cottage with an additional bedroom, and comes complete with saunas, steam rooms, fitness centers, pools, and massage treatment rooms. But Troon also considers factors that help minimize stress and optimize quality sleep, like shielded cables to mitigate EMF signals, meditation areas, Wi-Fi kill switches, and more.

“We’re extremely passionate about maintaining the health and wellbeing of not only our planet but also the people who inhabit it,” Gregory Malin, CEO, and founder of Troon Pacific told Departures. “We strive to create homes like Residence 950 and Residence 2646 that optimize residents’ health and wellness while being mindful of our impact on the environment without sacrificing luxury. By refusing to cut corners, we hope to propel the industry toward a future that focuses on quality and sustainability at every level of the market.”


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