Stay in a Sprawling Castle With a Michelin-Starred Chef on Your Next Portugal Vacation

Courtesy Palácio Belmonte

The package gives you access to all ten suites of this 15th-century palace and a number of exclusive amenities.

For travelers, Lisbon’s hilly landscape means two things: 1.) you should always pack a pair of your most comfortable shoes when you visit the city and 2.) breathtaking vistas are practically hiding behind every corner.

But if you are really looking for a special spot that not only offers incredible views but also carries the historical spirit of the city, that spot is the 15th-century Palacio Belmonte. And now, you can have it all to yourself thanks to the property’s new package, the Dom Afonso Henriques Experience (named after the first King of Portugal), that offers guests the chance to book all ten suites of the palace and take advantage of the exclusive perks and amenities that Palacio Belmonte treats its visitors to. This means you and 23 of your friends and family members could be enjoying the ultimate Lisbon getaway in your own historical palace located in the heart of Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood, the Alfama, just minutes away from the famous St. George’s castle.

Claire Ogden/Courtesy Palácio Belmonte

The package includes three private dinners at Grenache Restaurant, helmed by chef Philippe Gelfi, formerly of the Michelin-starred La Reserve in Paris; an exclusive Fado music performance, a private boat ride through the Tagus River, and a limousine at your disposal for the duration of your stay—private driver included.

Marc Vaz/Courtesy Palácio Belmonte

Classified as a Monument of National Interest by the Portugal government, Palacio Belmonte was built in 1449 as the residence for the noble Cabral family (Pedro Álvares Cabral discovered Brazil in 1500). In the next two hundred years, several additions were made to the façade and décor of the palace. Art and culture aficionados will appreciate the property even more. The Palacio has 59 wall panels painted under the direction of Masters Manuel dos Santos in 1725 and Valentim de Almeida. In addition to this, 3,800 original blue-glazed tiles, or azulejos, were restored and placed back at Palácio Belmonte. 

Nelson Garrido/Courtesy Palácio Belmonte

The price for the Dom Afonso Henriques Experience for three nights starts at 80,000 euros