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Reportedly Designed by Michelangelo, This Pink Villa Is the Ultimate Tuscan Rental Property

Guests at Villa Machiavelli are experiencing a slice of history.


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Tuscany is one of those incredible destinations filled with stunning landscapes, delectable dining, and rich history. And now all of those highlights can be found in one glamorous rental.

Michelangelo reputedly designed Villa Machiavelli for the Machiavelli family, with a later wing and grander palace designed by Giorgio Vasari il Giovane added later on. The design is so incredible that the plans are actually housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. What's more is Niccolo Machiavelli, the famous Renaissance writer, historian, and politician is said to have written his famous work The Prince at his studio in Albergaccio, connected to the main villa via an internal corridor.

The 11-bedroom property is classically furnished to highlight its past but with modern facilities like including WiFi and air conditioning. The Machiavelli Suite has an emperor-sized bed, Jacuzzi, fireplace, marble, and onyx bathroom with a walk-in shower and steam room, dressing room area, and private dining area. There's also a fabulous Barrique wine tasting cellar and cellar dining room, as well as an indoor pool and spa treatment rooms. And the property is fully staffed, with a concierge, butler, waiters, and housekeeping. Plus, did we mention the entire facade is pink?

Of course, the beautiful villa is surrounded by equally charming vistas. Views extend over quintessential Chianti scenery and are best enjoyed from the original arched loggias.

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"Just 20 minutes from the center of Florence and steeped in Italian history, Villa Machiavelli is one of the leading luxury villas available to rent in Tuscany," Executive Director of Villas at Red Savannah Nick Westwood told Departures. "The villa manager, Angelo, and his team provide the first-class service, while guests can enjoy the extraordinary architecture and art collection of a property that once belonged to the notorious Machiavelli family."

He added, "Visit the estate's Chianti vineyards, or experience a candlelit dinner on the villa's Renaissance loggia, from where views extend to Brunelleschi's iconic cathedral dome on the horizon."

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Villa Machiavelli is available to rent from Red Savannah from $64,866 per week.


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