The Only Way to Access This Private Beach is by Renting an Apartment

Courtesy of Solé Mia

A new luxury development created a secret beach just for its residents.

Luxury developers will do just about anything to secure buyers. A community in Dubai offered a European passport with a sale of a home while a high-end Manhattan apartment building provided an on-demand wine sommelier as an amenity. But one new Miami apartment complex is taking this idea to the next level by giving residents access to a private island.

Solé Mia is a new 184-acre mixed-use master plan community located in North Miami between Biscayne Boulevard and Oleta River State Park. The prime location, modern apartments, and plentiful amenities like a fitness center and resort-style pool already make it an easy sell. But just to give South Beach a run for its money, the developers decided to create a seven-acre crystal-clear swimmable man-made lagoon called Laguna Solé.

Courtesy of Solé Mia

The first-of-its-kind in South Florida, the private lagoon, is that’s meant to bring waterfront living to a part of Miami that’s not technically on the water. The clear water swimmable lagoon is the size of 21 Olympic-sized pools and emulates the Caribbean waters. It also boasts a private island and private, gently sloping beaches. Just as you would in the ocean, you can paddleboard, kayak, or simply lounge next to palm trees in the lagoon right outside your door.

The unique project is said to be the “future of our planet.” Created by Crystal Lagoons, these freshwater, man-made oceans are expected to conserve our limited freshwater ecosystem, cool power plants, and desalinate oceans. It’s part of an ambitious project rising in Miami and sets the bar for residential amenities in the country.

Courtesy of Solé Mia

Clearly, it worked as the development was pegged as a “neighborhood game changer” by the Miami Herald, and the Shoreline’s success is record-breaking. Within three months of launching in January 2019, the first tower completely leased up, leading to the opening of the second tower, which leased up equally as fast. Rentals at the property start at $1,745 per month for a studio and go up to $3,700 for a three-bedroom.