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A Luxury Manhattan Apartment Building Comes With an On-Demand Sommelier

An expert is on hand to cater to all your wine needs.


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You’d think with high-end design, top-notch appliances, and incredible views, that it would be easy to sell luxury real estate. But with so much competition, developers are going out of their way to offer unique amenities to attract potential buyers. A European passport comes with vacation villas for sale in Dubai, for example, and a Miami penthouse is being sold with a $3.2 million Aston Martin. But one luxury condominium in Manhattan is providing something perhaps more unique: a sommelier on speed dial.

The 30 Warren property is rolling out one of the most ambitious wine programs in real estate called Tribeca Select, where residents have direct access to acclaimed sommelier Paul Grieco. Just by purchasing a condo in the building, you can enjoy an array of in-home services including private tastings, consultations on collecting and food pairing, auction participation, and exclusive temperature-controlled cellar service from Chamber Street Wines.

And Grieco isn’t just any sommelier, he’s known for leading the trend to de-formalize wine tastings and make them more approachable for younger, hipper audiences. He is one of the visionaries who transformed the industry from stuffy to cool, and today is highly respected as the first “punk sommelier,” beloved for his humor, quirky sense of style and affinity for rock ’n’ roll.

The renegade wine expert anticipates a big request will be for advice stocking the 45-bottle wine refrigerator that comes with every apartment. He is on hand to stop by residents’ homes to suggest selections and is looking forward to getting to know the tastes of each resident so that he can better tailor his recommendations.

In addition, the property is just blocks away from Grieco’s Terroir Tribeca, a local institution and the birthplace of the “Summer of Riesling” movement. So, as another perk, residents can enjoy VIP reservation status at the restaurant as well as in-home catering.

Plus, Chambers Street Wines, specialists in naturally made and rare wines from the Loire, Piedmont, the Rhône, Burgundy, Champagne, Spain, Germany, and the United States, offers 30 Warren residents access to its unique selection in addition to the convenient wine storage service.

What else to residents get besides a streamlined the wine-drinking experience? Well, the new building features expansive floor plans, soaring ceilings, and Tundra Gray marble counters. Buy a penthouse, and you’ll also get direct elevator entry and a sprawling terrace where you can enjoy your wine.


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