‘Jeuneville’ Will be a New, Vertical Neighborhood in Paris by 2025

Courtesy Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Famed architect Jean Nouvel takes his creativity to the banks of the Seine.

Architect Jean Nouvel is known for his futuristic designs that seemingly transcends what’s architecturally possible. His talents have already been put to use for an Arabian resort, and he’s the brains behind the 53 West 53 residential supertall skyscraper. Now, Nouvel is set to tackle Paris, as his vertical neighborhood design in the French capital was just revealed.

Interior of the Jeuneville neighborhood by Jean Nouvel
Courtesy Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Called Jeuneville, the project is meant to create a sustainable live-and-work complex on the Seine River banks. With plenty of green space, innovative work setups, and sleek housing, the unique neighborhood is all about well-being. He wants residents to work, be creative (especially promoting startups), and relax in one environment. That’s why the space will be filled with everything from offices and apartments to student residences, educational facilities, and stores to touch on every aspect of life.

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As far as the residences, Nouvel used design to create and enhance a sense of community. There are communal living rooms, kitchens, theaters, games rooms, libraries, and more. Meanwhile, the offices will be spacious, brightly lit, and equipped with the latest technology to encourage collaborative creative thinking. Ultimately, 6,000 people are expected to work here, and 1,500 will live.

Exterior of the Jeuneville neighborhood by Jean Nouvel
Courtesy Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Of course, finding space in the busy capital is difficult. So, Nouvel opted for a vertical design to fit hundreds of thousands of square feet in a compact area. The complex will sit in front of the Olympic and Paralympic villages and feature several levels with different shaped exteriors making them appear as intricately stacked objects. Green trees fill the many balconies and rooftops to solve another city problem of minimal green space.

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And though the avant-garde architect has a vision of how the space will be used, it was also designed to be adaptable depending on locals’ needs. The project has an expected completion date of 2025.