These High-Design, 3D-Printed Pods Take Inspiration From the Shape of Shells

Courtesy WATG

The pandemic has spurred a variety of new innovative designs.

The pandemic is no doubt having a lasting effect on nearly every industry. When it comes to travelers, more people are seeking out remote destinations and accommodations. And this comes after the glamping concept took off a few years ago. All of this combined inspired architecture firm WATG to create Glam Pods, 3D-printed luxury retreats for off-the-grid camping.

Envisioned for both remote locations and residential backyards, these Glam Pods feature an off-the-grid design that doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to luxury or style. The team got its inspiration from the spiraling coil of a shell, and the result was 40-foot pods with 300 square feet of space that can house a king-size bed, living area, and bathroom.

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The interior also features other high-end amenities like charging stations, built-in solar-powered lighting, and walk-in closets. Wall hooks and collapsible desks are add-ons purchasers can request as well. All of this is housed in a structure that’s designed withstand storms and weather, so it can truly be in any environment. 

Courtesy WATG

Incredibly, these pods would be created using 3D printing and could be ready in one to three days. They would be printed off-site and then shipped to the location. This allows for mass production and reduces human labor hours. Not to mention, it helps protect the environment since less dirt would be disturbed. And the pod’s spine material is capable of being melted back down when no longer needed. 

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“We’re seeing a growing trend in travelers favoring remote destinations, with the goal of unplugging, mentally recharging and connecting with nature,” Zaher Arbash, architectural designer at WATG Los Angeles, told Departures in a statement. “Glam Pods fuse the outdoor experience with an environment of comfort and style, so travelers no longer need to sacrifice a camping experience over a luxury stay. They can have both.”