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An Entire Swedish Village is for Sale for $7 Million

Why buy a house when you can own an entire town?


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While it’s not unusual to see mansions selling for millions, it is rare to see an entire town. But that’s what’s happening with the “wellness village” Satra Brunn in Sweden. The 18th-century town on the outskirts of Stockholm just hit the market for 70 million Swedish krona ($7.3 million).

According to the listing, the historic village dates back to 1700 when a doctor named Samuel Skragge discovered its high-quality water source that was said to have healing qualities. He then built a town around the natural spring that included a hospital, church, houses, and more. Over the years, others heard about the healing water, and more tourists began to visit and build summer homes on the land. The spring is actually only one of seven in Sweden awarded the highest purity designation.

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A bishop bought the homes and grounds in the 1740s and just a few years later left the town to one of Sweden’s top universities, Uppsala University. They the University sold it in 2002 to 16 local businessmen who have since used the town as a venue for a spa and various events. A bottling business was added to the village in 2015, which is also included in the sale.

“With over 320 years of heart and loving care at its center, Sätra Brunn has always been a place where self-care is placed ahead of all else,” reads the listing. “Today, it serves as a diversified business establishment where picturesque homes, hotel, preschool, church, your own spring water source, and a bathhouse mingle to create a lively and highly appreciated milieu.”

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The new owner would get the 60-acre town, its dwellings, and businesses as well as an additional 84 acres of undeveloped land. And since the village is registered as a limited liability company, there are no restrictions for foreign buyers.


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