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You Could Own a Piece of Elvis Presley's Palm Springs Honeymoon Hideaway

Kaminski is auctioning off contents of Elvis and Priscilla Presley's desert getaway, where the couple lived after eloping in Las Vegas.


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Music fans rejoice! The contents of one legend’s iconic home are about to go up for auction. Kaminski Auctions recently announced they will be putting items from Elvis Presley’s famous Palm Springs, California house on the chopping block this January.

Located in the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood, the home is one of the most famous in the area. It was here in 1966 when the “Jailhouse Rock” singer took up residence and on May 1st, 1967 snuck out with girlfriend Priscilla to elope in Las Vegas. The pair then returned back to the home that same day where they enjoyed a wedding reception and honeymoon. Hence the reason the palatial pad became known as Elvis’ “Honeymoon Hideaway.”

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Incredibly, many pieces from this golden era remained and are now being auctioned off on January 16 and 17. While fans will be able to get their hands on everything from original Elvis sneakers to guitars, there are some standout pieces Elvis lovers would love to get their hands on.

The vintage pink canopy bed is one of the most expensive pieces in the lot and oozes 1960s style. A Steve Connolly oil portrait of Elvis on canvas is expected to fetch up to $900, and a cheeky Elvis landline telephone could go for $200. There’s also a Las Vegas costume, mid-century modern furniture like chrome chairs with animal print, black leather sofas, and a replica of the master bedroom.

Beyond the music history ties, the home itself is iconic. Known as the Alexander Estate, the house was considered an architectural masterpiece and dubbed the “House of Tomorrow” in a 1962 edition of Look Magazine. It’s since become one of the most photographed in Palm Springs. Plus, Priscilla was so in love with the "Honeymoon Hideaway” she outfitted two of the most expensive suites at the Graceland Hotel as replicas of the house.

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The auction house does point out that not all the items are original to the King, but it’s a memorabilia collection any Elvis fan would envy.


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