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Former Con Edison Site in Brooklyn Becoming a Climate Change-Themed Golf Course

The River Ring site will be an educational hotspot.


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Developer Two Trees Management is clearly on a mission to transform Brooklyn. They’ve already converted the former Domino Sugar Factory into apartments and a bustling waterfront park and recently announced a new project that would create a beach along the East River. Now, the team is announcing it will develop a climate change-themed mini-golf course and a 20,000-square-foot sustainable farm in the neighborhood.

River Ring, the site where the beach is planned, will include more public access points focused on climate change. It will take over the former Con Edison site in North Williamsburg, a spot that has been inaccessible for over 100 years. Now, pieces of the site will be dedicated to learning about environmental issues through composting programs, on-site farming, and even a golf course.

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The sustainable farm will include an aquaponic farm by Oko Farms with 8,000 square feet of fish tanks and garden beds. Visitors will learn about aquaponic basics, and crops grown in the space will go to underserved communities. There will also be an educational composting program by The David Prize winner Domingo Morales of Compost Power, a pollinator meadow by Brooklyn Grange, pollinator and environmental education by City Growers, 64-gallon bin for shell drop-off by Billion Oyster Project, a two-hive mini apiary, and a honeycomb-themed art piece by Carolina Zuniga, Stacey Vazquez & Brenda Alvarez of the Island Bee Project.

Meanwhile, the golf course will feature 18 holes spread over a 15,000-square-foot multi-level riverfront deck. The unique design of the green is to showcase climate change concerns and solutions like green and blue infrastructure and animal habitat.

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“Two Trees has a long history of utilizing local talent to create interim uses for the whole community to enjoy; first with Domino Park’s North Brooklyn Farms and the skate park, and now with River Ring’s miniature golf and sustainable farm,” Jed Walentas, Principal of Two Trees Management told Departures in a statement. “By partnering with dozens of local organizations and environmental stewards throughout the city, we hope to elevate the conversation about climate change and our personal and collective roles in these issues, while at the same time immediately providing much needed beautiful open space for the community.”


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