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Italian Town Less Than Three Hours From Rome Is the Latest to Sell Homes for €1

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Many of us dream of having that stunning vacation home where we can spend summers and holidays. That dream can become a reality if you have just $1.21 lying around. Yes, Italy is back at it, offering up homes for €1. And this time the village is only three hours away from Rome and an hour from the beaches on the Adriatic Sea.

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Castropignano is the latest spot in Italy to sell its approximately 100 abandoned buildings to interested parties. But unlike other towns like Salemi in Sicily and Santo Stefano di Sessanio who just auctioned off the properties, mayor Nicola Scapillati wants to ensure people are appropriately matched with a building. This, he hopes, will avoid an outsider invasion.

In fact, the mayor is so passionate, he’s asking anyone interested to email him directly with a detailed plan about how they plan to redesign the building and what it will be used for. And buyers aren't just regulated to homes, there's also a roofless medieval castle and a church in need of repair.

If that still sounds easy enough for you, it’s important to know the fine print of what you’re signing up for. The conditions stipulate that buyers have to renovate the property within three years and provide a €2,000 ($2,378) down payment, which will be returned once the work is complete. Of course, you have to pay for the renovation costs, which are estimated to start around $35,000.

Even still, that’s not so bad considering what you will get for the money. The quiet town perched on the Apennine mountains is filled with nature, winding cobblestone roads, incredible views, and good food. Although it only has a restaurant, bar, and pharmacy, it’s the perfect respite from Rome, just 140 miles away. Plus, black and white truffle grounds are nearby, as well as the area’s famous red wine, Tintilia. And you’re not too far from Naples, the Adriatic coast, or the ski resort of Campitello Maltese.

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