For a Cool $1 Billion You Can Buy a Mountain in Beverly Hills

Photo: Matthew Momberger / Juwan Li

Forget Million Dollar Listing, now there is a billion dollar listing

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On Monday, a 157-acre mass of land sitting atop a mountain in Beverly Hills hit the market for a staggering $1 billion.

The compound, which is the highest point in the 90210 zip code, is so large, it can fit a Disneyland park and still have 57 acres left over.

Dubbed “The Mountain”, the listing describes visiting the giant piece of land as a “god-like experience”

“The Mountain” boasts views of Downtown LA, Catalina Island, and Santa Monica but promises that its future owner can be at the Beverly Hills Hotel and or shopping Rodeo Drive within 5 minutes.

The property is divided into 17 parcels of land, with six ready-to-build lots. The very lucky — and wealthy —buyer will be able to build three 500,000 square feet of buildings and never have to worry about neighbors.

This means this will not be a big housing estate but rather just a few large compounds — with the listing even suggesting the new owner builds their own soccer field, amphitheater, helipad, or a polo field — depending on their tastes.

Photo: Matthew Momberger / Juwan Li

“This is the only opportunity to own your own mountain that looks down at all of Los Angeles,” Aaron Kirman, President of Pacific Union Real Estate said in a statement. “Our likely buyer for this property is an individual who wants to build his or her own compound.”

“To be able to claim ownership of the largest property at the highest point in all of Los Angeles, will make the buyer the most prestigious billionaire overnight,” Kirman added.

Previous owners include Princess Shams Pahlavia and talk show host Merv Griffin, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The property previous came up for sale in an off-market listing that was fraught with legal battles and infighting which eventually saw the property no longer be available.