London's Historic Mayfair Sees Two Modern Mansions Listed for £50M That Could Be Combined to One Super-Estate

Alex Winship/Courtesy DD LONDON

The home is considered “‘an architectural gem” by Westminster City Council.

Mayfair, London, is known for its elegant Georgian townhomes and historic charm. But two new homes on the market in the upscale neighborhood stand out as they’re modern architectural masterpieces. What’s more, is they can be combined into one expansive house featuring a glass façade.

Created by international design practice Scott Brownrigg, the stunning abode was inspired by the Modernist glass house La Maison de Verre in Paris. The exterior is made with a double-skin glass façade that’s an interpretation of translucent Japanese sliding screens. This makes for a striking appearance, blurs the line between indoors and outdoors while also making it energy efficient. 

Courtesy Scott Brownrigg

“One of my favorite design elements is the layered glass façade, that acts as a light catcher in the day and glows enticingly with translucent warmth at night,” Richard McCarthy, Board Director at Scott Brownrigg, told Departures. “The composition of the glass façades are an interpretation of Japanese sliding screens made of either translucent white paper, which provides light warmth and intimacy (the shoji), or opaque paper for privacy and the interaction between the outside and the inside (the fusuma).” 

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Another stand out detail also happens to be on the exterior of the home. “The secret grass roof gardens [is another favorite],” said McCarthy. “If you follow the staircases right to the top, they are accessed through a minimalist glass lantern that slides back remotely to let you up, out onto the roof space.”

Alex Winship/Courtesy DD LONDON

Of course, the interior is equally remarkable. A sleek design with clean lines can be found throughout with materials ranging from warm woods to crisp white marble and grey stone. The six bedrooms are all massive, while the main top floor living rooms are outfit with two rooftop gardens. When the two homes are combined, the adobe provides a total of 13,583-square-feet of luxurious living space across four floors. 

Alex Winship/Courtesy DD LONDON

An additional three basement levels include a movie theater, swimming pool, and spa. There is also a large high-tech four-car garage and 226 square-foot garden patio at ground level. All of this combined made Westminster City Council consider the home to be “an architectural gem” and “a contemporary addition to the Mayfair Conservation Area.”

Alex Winship/Courtesy DD LONDON

But what truly makes this project so unique? “Well, the opportunity to design such a Modernist house in affluent Mayfair is extremely rare,” said McCarthy. “The fact that it’s tucked away, hidden behind the entrance to the disused Down Street tube station meant we could create something in utter juxtaposition to the historic Georgian and Victorian stone-and-brick properties surrounding it. A translucent, glowing gem, concealing Tardis-like space, at the end of this secret London mews.”

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The houses are for sale for £50,000,000 ($64.5 million) as a single unit, or £25,000,000 ($32.2 million) each. The buyer can also buy an adjoining two-bedroom mews apartment for £1,700,000 ($2.19 million).