This Airline Has the Best Wine List in the Skies

Tonic Ray/Shutterstock

If you’re flying business or first class on this carrier, you’re in for a treat.

Those wines offered in business and first class airline seats are for way more just making it appear a little fancier than economy. Every year, The Cellars in the Sky Awards choose the very best wine lists from airlines around the world.

Airlines offer up their chosen wines to be blindly tasted by the judges, who then hand out honors for 14 different awards, from best fortified wines and best sparkling whites to the top reds and whites offered on-board. The judging spanned two days in December at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, according to The Daily Mail.

Ok, enough suspense: This year, Qantas takes the title of overall wine list for its business and first classes in 2018. Cathay Pacific followed in second place, while Qatar Airways and All Nippon Airways tied for the third place honor. If you’re strictly a business class flyer, look to British Airways, which took the winning spot for best business class wine list.

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All in all, 33 airlines entered their wine options into the competition. While Qantas, Qatar Airways, and Cathay Pacific took a fair share of the titles, JetBlue got in on the action with this year’s best white wine.

For a deeper look at the list of awards and which carriers won this year, head to The Cellars in the Sky Awards website.