Next Level World Travel: Private Jet Itineraries Are Taking Off

As the demand for bespoke, one-of-a-kind travel experiences skyrockets, luxury trips designed around the use of private jets are becoming de rigueur for granting guests no-holds-barred access to the world at large.

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Just as ocean liners redefined luxury globetrotting in the 19th century, private jet itineraries are ushering in an unprecedented way to travel today in the 21st. Top-tier travel outfitters like Remote Lands and Privel and hotel brands like Aman Resorts and the Four Seasons have all jumped on the bandwagon, teaming up with jet companies to create intimate, ambitious multicountry routes that would otherwise require months to complete—and an ulcer to facilitate by land, sea, or commercial air.

And even cruise lines are heeding the call: Next May, SeaDream Yacht Club, in partnership with jet travel leader TCS World Travel, will introduce a Sea Sky Safari that combines the best of the Mediterranean and Africa. In April, Crystal Cruises introduced the Bombardier Global Express XRS as part of its new Crystal Luxury Air brand, which offers private charters to any point of embarkment on a Crystal Cruises itinerary. Better yet, the cruise line will introduce Crystal AirCruises, a twin-aisle Beoing 777-200LR that will fly 14- and 28-day around-the-world itineraries, next year.

Sure these new journeys give travelers a different way to explore logistically complicated destinations, like Africa and Asia, without the routine headaches of long TSA lines, missed connections, and lost luggage, while adding something new to the experience, too. But the rise of private jet tours isn’t just about seamless travel: it’s about a new way to see and experience the world, too. First-class comforts and unparalleled service, including private cars, drivers, and expert guides on hand in every destination, mean travelers are guaranteed an intimate experience tailored to their liking, both in the air and on the ground. Here within, some of the newest itineraries that will let you jet-set with ease.