Private Aviation Company to Load All Flights to NYC With Medical Supplies

Hospitals are in dire need of safety and life-saving equipment.

It’s no secret that New York City hospitals are overwhelmed with the number of coronavirus patients. This surge has created a shortage in protective gear for medical professionals and apparatuses like ventilators. And while companies across the country are hard at work producing the necessary items, there is the matter of transporting them. That’s where private jet company, XO comes into play.

To help New York City hospitals who need medical supplies, XO will be utilizing all of its inbound New York City and tri-state area flights to transport medical equipment from cities across the country. The company is ready and willing to provide inbound flight schedules to any hospitals or medical companies to help coordinate the transfer of supplies. 

While the offer is just for New York City, the on-demand private flight booking platform plans to expand this program to other cities as needs continue to rise across the country.

“Our team at XO is continuously working to support our community at large during this difficult time,” said Ron Silverman, Chief Commercial Officer of XO. “Knowing that New York City is the most impacted city in our country, our goal is to assist hospitals and their medical partners, to transport needed supplies in a timely manner, from cities across the country.”

This is just the latest travel company that has stepped to help those on the front lines of fighting COVID-19. American Express and Hilton just partnered to provide up to 1 million rooms to medical professionals, and the Four Seasons New York offered their luxury accommodations to healthcare workers as well.

XO’s transportation of equipment and supplies is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability on flights that meet the applicable regulatory requirements. Those interested can contact them directly to inquire about the upcoming flights, by visiting or calling 1-888-803-5996.