This Spa Offers Astrological Treatments to Get You Through Mercury Retrograde

Courtesy of Palms Casino Resort

Featuring facials and crystal massages to get your chakras aligned.

Mercury went into retrograde on July 7, so it’s a good thing The Spa at the Palms opened on July 9 to provide the astrologically inclined traveler with the necessary remedies. Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has recently gone through a $690 million renovation transforming, among other things, their highly anticipated Spa at Palms. The Spa at Palms has a zodiac focus to their treatments and is working to take self-care to a celestial level with their spa menu.

Fortunately, the spa’s launch aligned perfectly with Mercury retrograde, which doesn’t wrap up until July 31. (So, if you’re looking for something to blame for the muggy heat baking into the New York City asphalt or the summer Friday beach traffic, Mercury seems like the right candidate.)

The Spa at Palms offers a Mercury in retrograde facial, which is all about protecting your skin from negative pollutants that seep into pores. “Overexposure to sun or stress calls for the light of organic botanicals and nurturing ora,” says the treatment description.

Courtesy Palms Casino Resort

The Mercury in retrograde facial isn’t the only treatment focused on balancing your mind, body, and skin. The spa offers an entire line of “intuitive spa services” that incorporate crystal healing and aromatherapy. For example, Enlightening Therapy is a crystal massage treatment they identify as best for water signs like scorpios, pisces, and cancers. The treatment focuses on the heart chakra and seeks to “dissolve negative emotion” and provide “additional attention to the heart, setting the intention of warmth, creativity and raw emotion.”

Spa-goers can also integrate a tarot card reading into their treatment. The Spa at Palms’ Oracle Reflecting & Chakra Balancing treatment allows a seven-card tarot spread to inform the treatment, and then uses crystals to encourage alignment in the body and restore a “natural state of balance.”

Ultimately, the newly renovated spa focuses on emotional and spiritual healing through luxurious self-care rituals, and aims to restore and fulfill visitors. Whether Mercury retrograde is getting you down, or you’re looking for an unreal spa experience to book in Vegas, this might be the place.