Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis’ Old Haunt Is Now on Sale for $115 Million

Mike Kelley/Courtesy Viewpoint Collection

Oh, and Sonny and Cher bought it in the ‘70s for less than a million.

There are few things more worth salivating over than LA real estate. The history and old Hollywood glamour that lives in some of the most enviable properties is really what drives up the price—though the fact that LA property exists in a hub of endless sunshine, near-perfect temperatures, and some of the world’s best shopping certainly isn’t hurting property value.

The latest and greatest property to hit the market is going for a casual $115 million. It’s a Viewpoint Collections property, which signifies its haute status right off the bat. And beyond that, it’s a former stomping ground of the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Cher, among other Hollywood elites.

Mike Kelley/Courtesy Viewpoint Collection

The property itself is Owlwood Estate, originally commissioned in 1932 by Florence Quinn. The property was completed by 1936, though there was a significant expansion done in 2002 when the estate acquired Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace. While the Pink Palace no longer stands, its history imbibes Owlwood with a further dimension of Hollywood history. Jayne Mansfield bought the 40-room, Mediterranean-style mansion in 1957 for $76,000 and subsequently pinkified the property—including a pink-marble bathtub, a coat of pink paint on nearly every exterior, a fountain bubbling over with pink champagne. The pièce de résistance was, of course, the heart-shaped swimming pool.

Owlwood belonged to Tony Curtis in the ‘60s, and surprisingly enough, despite the long-spun tales of his affair with Marilyn Monroe on the set of Some Like it Hot, they actually didn’t overlap as residents of the estate. Marilyn Monroe’s stint at Owlwood predates Curtis’—she took up residence in the guest house in the mid-1940s, when the home belonged to Joseph Schenk, who owned 20th Century Fox at the time.

Mike Kelley/Courtesy Viewpoint Collection

And if the Curtis-Monroe history of the property doesn’t glamorize it enough, in the ‘70s, the property changed hands—from Tony Curtis to Sonny and Cher. The duo had long since coveted the property (initially visiting to attend Curtis’ birthday party), and finally convinced him to sell. Apparently, when the love dissipated from Sonny and Cher’s love nest, they lived in separate wings of the sprawling mansion.

For any curious architecture enthusiasts, old Hollywood romantics, or real estate connoisseurs in the mark for a Los Angeles residence, the estate is in Holmby Hills, a chic, mansion-lined neighborhood right on the border of Beverly Hills.