This Submersible Dive Adventure Takes You Into One of the World's Most Remote Locations

Courtesy Kensington Tours

The exclusive trip is valued at more than $250,000.

There are bucket list trips then there are history-making, life-changing adventures. Kensington Tours is giving intrepid travelers the chance to experience the latter. The leader in private-guided travel just announced it would be launching a limited-time online auction called “Oceans Away...Dive of a Lifetime” that features the opportunity to go on a submersible dive in an uncharted portion of the Maldives’ Midnight Zone.

Courtesy Kensington Tours

The online auction will begin on February 26, last just two days, and start at $125,000. The highest bidder will participate in Nekton’s—an independent, not-for-profit research foundation—mission called First Descent: Midnight Zone. While onboard the manned submersible, you will travel to the Maldives’ Midnight Zone, one of the most bio-diverse parts of the world’s oceans that exist in total darkness. The mission is meant to discover the effects of climate change and plastic pollution.

It will all take place alongside Victor Vescovo, a renowned American undersea explorer known for making the first solo dive to the RMS Titanic. He is also the first person to dive to the deepest point in each of the world’s five oceans.

Courtesy Kensington Tours

“To explore the amazing things at the extreme depths we’ll dive, is unlike anything a person can even imagine, it can be absolutely mind-blowing,” Vescovo said in a statement. “It would be an honor to share the experience with someone who appreciates the wonders of the sea, join our incredible team, and gain further insight into the technological breakthroughs achieved to build and operate the world’s most advanced deep-diving submersible.”

Of course, the winner will enjoy luxurious accommodations at Maldivian resorts, including Soneva Fushi, snorkeling with Manta Rays, be part of the documentary filming experience, and have the chance to help create the first maps of uncharted seamounts.

Reeve Jolliffe/Courtesy Kensington Tours

“This is the sort of experience money can’t typically buy,” said Alison Hickey, President of Kensington Tours, in a statement. “The highest bidder will have the opportunity to travel to an unexplored part of the ocean and potentially discover a new species in the process. We are in an era where more people have been to space than to the depths of our planet’s oceans.”

Bids can be placed privately or publicly by visiting the auction website, and the trip will take place mid-April 2020. Also, all net proceeds will be re-invested into Nekton to support their ongoing conservation efforts.