Get Paid to Cruise Through France on a Luxury Barge With Your Beau

Courtesy Just Travel

Dream job alert!

Summering with your significant other in France sounds like a dream, right? What if we told you that you and your partner could actually get paid to cruise through the stunning French countryside this summer? No, this is not a joke. But rather a new job listing calling for a couple to manage a luxury barge.

The seasonal job, available through Silver Swan Recruitment, asks for one person to act as the host while the other becomes a deckhand as they safely navigate the waterways of France. Responsibilities include “using various ropes, knots, and radio and navigational equipment,” managing events and dinner parties, and “ensuring all the guests’ needs are met and making their stay on board an enjoyable one.” This could include cleaning and providing table service too.

Courtesy Just Travel 

What do you get for the hard work? Along with getting to see some of the most beautiful sites in France with your partner in crime, you will get private accommodation, all meals, tips from the barge’s upper-class clientele, and be paid £1,100 ($1,415) each a month. Plus, when the barge is not in use, you get to use it as you see fit. You could cruise up the River Seine to see the Eiffel Tower or glide along the Nivernais Canal watching as the countryside rolls by.

Courtesy Just Travel 

As far as experience, there’s no need for the couple to worry about having any substantial expertise as they will both be given full training. All the listing asks for is “an enthusiastic couple who have excellent hospitality experience, are organized and are prepared to journey through the varied waterways of France.”

To apply, simply fill out the online form on Silver Swan Recruitment and attach your resume. If the company is interested, you will be contacted.