9 Luxe Family Travel Destinations for Summer

Global, kid-friendly trips that parents can (and will) enjoy all the same.

Michael Wheatley / Getty Images
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Summer can be a tricky time to take a family vacation. Across its 12 weeks, every school in the country is off, jacking up hotel and airfare prices and bringing down availability. Not to mention that the weather is at its peak in many destinations, so you’re competing against, well, the world for a place to lay your head. Which is why we roped in our team of real-life family reporters to vet 9 summer breaks, each guaranteeing that kids ages 9 months to 99 years have somewhere exhilarating with which to fill their Instagram feeds. Read on for some unexpected summer holidays your children will brag about (in the politest way possible, of course) during those first weeks back at school.