If You Don’t Buy This Castle in Ireland, We Might

mikroman6/Getty Images

A charming gated property in eastern Ireland? Yes, please.

If there’s one thing you take away from your day, let it be that you could own a 19th-century castle in the Irish countryside, right now.

Duckett’s Grove, a gated estate located north of Kilkenny in eastern Ireland, used to be the focal point of 12,000 acres of family-owned land. Today, you’ll score two acres in addition to the castle ruins. But don’t let the word “ruins” throw you off—the property has both electricity and running water.

michelleronan/Wikimedia Commons

According to the listing on Former Glory, Duckett’s Grove would have been the highlight of the surrounding landscape when it was first built. You’ll find many more paved roads and traffic heading through the region today, but the charm is undeniable.

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If this sounds like your dream home, it can be yours for approximately $434,427.40. Not a bad price to put on being the owner of a historic castle.

Rob Hurson/Wikimedia Commons

If you’re just looking for a daydream, you don’t have to look any further than the site that posted the Duckett property. Former Glory promotes “period property” in Ireland—and that’s exactly what it sounds like: picturesque castles, converted churches, and cottages all around the country. If you aren’t looking to own one, they also list out restored properties you can experience for a night or two.