The World's Best Small Hotels

A master list of the world's most luxurious yet intimate and humble hotels, inns, and guest houses.

Courtesy Mwiba
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Mwiba Wildlife Reserve, Tanzania: Mwiba

Some say Mwiba is more chic than even Singita Grumeti (its main competition) but with a wilder edge. In its eight temperature-controlled tents, the air ripples across linen mosquito nets like a spring breeze over water. Bathtubs have views of a gently rushing river, where animals come to drink. Owned by a Texan family who is managing more than 6.1 million acres of leased concession land (which is roughly the size of Rwanda), Mwiba sits elegantly in its location and lets nature work her magic. True enough, the creatures that roam this former hunting zone may not match that of the Mara, but for landscape, there is no place on the continent with kopjes quite as pretty, acacias so shimmering, and vast nothingness so untouched that the only outsider is a Hadzabe musician who performs his North-Tanzania hunter-gatherer tribe’s music beside a swaying fire during each guest’s stay. Tents start at $2,000 a person per night; 800-626-6131;