Your Favorite European Luxury Hotel Just Launched a Coworking Space in the U.S.

Courtesy The Hoxton

Chic hotel vibes curated for the on-the-go professional. 

The Hoxton is already a go-to for traveling professionals, and this year is taking their next step into curating an upscale professional environment. With the opening of Working From_, The Hoxton is now home to their very own on-site coworking spaces, combining their hospitality roots with the amenities that already keep professionals coming back, when traveling in the U.S. or throughout Europe.

As of now, there are currently eight Hoxton properties (and counting) between the U.S. and Europe and just two of these coveted coworking spaces. The first Working From_ is already open at The Hoxton, Chicago, and has been up and running since April 2019. The second is slated to open at The Hoxton, Southwark in October 2019. The Hoxton has always had an open-door lobby policy, and as such, remote professionals and business travelers have been working out of The Hoxton lobbies for 13 years. Working From_ is essentially taking that relationship and making it official.

Courtesy The Hoxton

One of the key elements that sets this coworking space apart, other than the brand’s long-term hospitality commitment, is the unique design that mirrors The Hoxton’s mod-European atmosphere. It’s a vibe that’s simultaneously effortlessly chic and still quite relaxing. Ennismore Design Studio helmed the interior design for Working From_, playing off the needs of every kind of professional. There are daybeds for the lounging entrepreneur, communal workspaces with great natural light for the collaborative creatives, and quiet corners for the on-the-go associates dialing into conference calls.

Pricing tiers for Working From_ include a $30 day pass, a $200 a month “desk hop” membership, and a private studio for $700 a month—among other options. If you’re traveling through a Hoxton city that doesn’t have a Working From_, you can also rent rooms at The Hoxton just for the day if you need a workspace while traveling on business. At The Hoxton, Williamsburg, for example, you can take a room from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.—prices starting at $129.