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The Coolest Frank Lloyd Wright Houses You Can Stay In

These architectural marvels––and their surroundings––are worth planning a whole vacation around.


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Seeing the extraordinary work of legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in person is an experience unlike any other. However––what if you could stay within the walls of some of these iconic homes?

Well, you can. And even better news––you’re spoiled for choice. There are quite a few stunning Frank Lloyd Wright houses available for guests to stay in overnight, and while some are more well known than others, each stands out as a remarkable work and an inspiring getaway. Some are tucked away into well-kept, lush neighborhoods across the country; others have sweeping views of spectacular land or sea. But what they all have in common: each is unique in design and stature, offering an unforgettable experience to those who cozy up inside.

Have a scroll below through some of the finest, most distinctive homes available to rent, and get straight to planning that design-forward getaway.

Cornwell House: Waimea, Hawaii

The only Frank Lloyd House built in Hawaii, this 3,700-square foot home on the Big Island has a stunning exterior, well-appointed rooms, three bedrooms, and a breathtaking view over the Waiaka Stream and all three of the Big Island’s volcanoes. Situated right between the cozy town of Waimea, where farmer’s markets abound, and the striking Kohala Coast, dotted with picturesque white-sand beaches, the house’s design—which, true to FLW’s principles, blends with the landscape—is as extraordinary as its surrounding three-acre property and sweeping vistas. The home features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a spacious and curved living room, a second floor supported by hidden beams (giving it the appearance of a floating room) and coral aggregate block walls, sourced from Oahu. The interior is decorated with licensed reproductions of Frank Lloyd Wright furniture, built-in seating, and atmospheric lighting thanks to opaque skylights.

The Kinney House: Lancaster, Wisconsin

Officially, this three-bedroom house can be described as “non-rectilinear.” And what does that mean, exactly? It looks really, really cool. Created using a parallelogram plan, the Kinney House is all “diamond modules,” 60 and 120-degree angles, long lines, and horizontal layering, yielding a spacious yet affordable plan wherein the rooms seem to unfold as inhabitants walk through the interior. Crafted from local Wisconsin limestone, this house is the epitome of the Usonian style of architecture.

Alpine Meadows Ranch: Darby, Montana

Since so many of Frank Lloyd Wright’s well-known designs are located in urban settings, it may come as a surprise that one of our favorite properties available for rent sits far away from urban sprawl. Alpine Meadows Ranch, nestled between the Sapphire and Bitterroot Mountain Ranges in western Montana, is an exquisitely designed, luxury vacation rental comprised of four main buildings: the Cider House, the Writer’s Cabin, the Farmhouse, and the Suites. Located next to two million acres of national forest, this getaway truly exemplifies Frank Lloyd Wright’s principle of seamlessly intertwining architecture with natural landscape. The beautifully appointed, woodsy interiors of each structure reflect the picturesque surroundings of rural Montana.

The Seth Peterson Cottage: Mirror Lake, Wisconsin

Just because it’s tiny doesn’t mean it isn’t grand. Another Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin abode, the Seth Peterson Cottage is a magnificent 880-square-foot structure that balances on a grassy hill above Mirror Lake. With walls and terrace buttresses made from strong local Wisconsin sandstone, this cottage is almost temple-like, with an angular flying roof jutting out from the top of glassy floor-to-ceiling windows. Just as bold as it is beautiful, this little cottage is ideal for a cozy lakeside getaway, and the cool design is sure to spark all kinds of creativity.

The Palmer House: Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Palmer House—even by Frank Lloyd Wright standards—is none other than a geometric design masterpiece, with breathtaking foliage-filled vistas from inside each window. Located next to the scenic Nichols Arboretum, the house sits on a beautiful and secluded two-acre hillside property, just a five-minute drive from the buzz of downtown Ann Arbor. The 2,000-square-foot home has an extensive collection of Frank Lloyd Wright furniture inside, and is known for its triangular geometry on the exterior, the cantilevered overhang (a FLW signature component), and it’s intentional avoidance of 90-degree angles.

The Elam House: Austin, Minnesota

If you’re a fan of very tall windows and very interesting angles, the Elam House may be a perfect fit for your next vacation. Tall limestone piers, striking red accents, and over one hundred windows are some of the features that mark this Frank Lloyd Wright design as one of his finest homes in the U.S. Located on a beautiful and lush property in Austin, Minnesota, the structure is home to three floor-to-ceiling fireplaces, two high-ceilinged living rooms, a cantilevered balcony, and a dynamic, well-appointed interior (there’s even an organ).


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