A Company Wants to Give Those Who Can’t Afford a Vacation the Glamping Trip of a Lifetime

BaileyMade/Courtesy Under Canvas

The promotion runs through June 4.

Glamping outfitters Under Canvas wants to help you make use of your vacation days. Fully understanding that taking time off can be expensive, the company wants to help take some of the financial stress off of your plate by offering “pay-what-you-can” glamping through June 4. The catch: You’ve got to apply and you’ve got to be chosen for the discount.

Under Canvas has eight locations at National Parks around the country: Grand Canyon, Moab, Yellowstone, Zion, Glacier, Tucson, Great Smoky Mountains, and Mount Rushmore. The founders, Sarah and Jacob Dusek, were inspired by African safaris and their accommodations highlight the best of the outdoors while maintaining luxury service and amenities like en suite bathrooms and daily housekeeping.

Tiffany Rose/Courtesy Under Canvas

The pay-what-you-can stays will apply to trips up to four nights. To give you an idea of what you would be saving, should you win, a four-night stay for a long weekend in mid-July in a Safari Tent at Yellowstone would run you $1,069.50. If you’ve ever dreamed about glamping under the stars in the great outdoors, this is worth the five minutes it will take you to fill out the form.

The company is looking to find travelers who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford such a trip, as the application asks for an annual household income and how much they can personally budget for summer vacation lodging. The company plainly states on the application that this is not a contest and that there is no set number of free stays they will be giving away. This is a genuine attempt to give those in need of a vacation a stunning getaway that might not otherwise be possible, which we just can’t stop applauding.

Trent Bona/Courtesy Under Canvas

Winners will be shared on June 7, or “the eve of National Get Outside Day,” according to the contest form. For more information on how to apply, head to the company’s Google Form campaign to fill out all of the necessary information.