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This Luxury Resort in the Maldives Is Hiring a Bookworm to Sell Beach Reads to Its Celebrity Guests

If running away to a desert island and spending your days surrounded by books sounds like a dream, we may have found the job for you.


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Philip Blackwell, founder of Ultimate Library, is sending one lucky bookworm to the Maldives to manage a pop-up bookstore inside luxury resort Soneva Fushi.

“We want someone on the ground who is creative and inspiring and can maybe get more people to share the pleasure of reading, which is what people enjoy doing on holiday,” Blackwell told The Guardian.

The store will carry books on topics about the local environment, as well as titles that may be of interest to the A-list celebrities, wealthy travelers, and “highly educated, enquiring” people who visit the island.

According to The Guardian, the bookshop is one of the latest ventures from Ultimate Library, which sets up library collections at hotels and resorts around the world so that travelers and bibliophiles are never without reading material.

As part of the job, you would also be expected to teach creative writing classes, regale children with engaging stories, and write “an entertaining and lively blog that captures the exhausting life of a desert island bookseller.”

“The pay is derisory but the fringe benefits unparalleled,” Blackwell said. “The role will evolve and it is in part up to you to make the most of this unique opportunity. It’s a dream job for many people. If I was 25 again I would do it.”

Billed as ”the original desert island hideaway in the Maldives,” Soneva Fushican be found on the pristine beaches of the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Should you get this job, you would get to live near the resort, where guests pay $2,000 a night for a one-bedroom property and $26,000 for the nine-bedroom Private Reserve.

You will have to commit to a minimum of three months if you accept, but we have a feeling that will not be an issue. To apply for the job, send an e-mail to


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