The World's Most Luxurious Cruise Suite Comes With a $200,000 Bed and a Private Pool

Courtesy Regent Seven Seas Cruises

For some, there is no better place to sleep than on water.

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The gentle rocking of the waves, the sound of the tide rolling in and out and the absence of light pollution make for a perfect sleep environment. But what if that’s just not luxurious enough?

The Regent Seven Seas will debut its new cruise ship the Seven Seas Splendor next year. The ship will transport 750 guests to and from ports in the Greek Isles, the French Riviera, the Iberian Peninsula and more. But only a couple guests will get to wake up feeling more refreshed than anybody else on the luxury ship.

Courtesy Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Those who book the 4,443-square-foot Regent Suite will have a room complete with a sauna, private balcony with a mini-pool and all-encompassing floor-to-ceiling windows. But perhaps the suite’s splashiest feature: a bed that costs $200,000.

Yes, a bed that costs $200,000.

Courtesy Regent Seven Seas Cruises

The bed in a question is a custom-made set-up from Swedish brand Hästen. The cruise line is calling it the “most luxurious bed at sea.” According to CNN, what makes the bed unique is its “streamlined pinewood frame, steel springs and a mattress that's perfect for sinking into — apparently composed of horsetail hair, cotton and wool batting.”

Suite guests also get to choose their own linens and pillows for the bed in a meeting with a Pre-Voyage Concierge. The suite also includes complimentary business-class flights to and from the port of departure, a chauffeur at each stop ashore and unlimited in-suite spa services — so there will be nothing to stress you out as you’re relaxing on bed that costs more than a home.

Courtesy Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Obviously, the suite does not come cheap. It is available from $11,000 per night, with double occupancy. But hey, isn’t $11,000 a small price to pay for a $200,000 night of sleep?