Get a Tarot Card Reading With Dinner at This San Miguel de Allende Hotel

Courtesy Casa Delphine

Have a side of spiritual insight along with your meal.

Luxury properties are always looking for ways to stand out, especially with their food and beverage options. While some might focus on offering a rare cut of meat or a private dining location, one boutique hotel in San Miguel de Allende is going the spiritual route. Casa Delphine, located in the heart of the magical town, just announced it would be hosting a monthly series of tarot card dinners into the Spring of 2020.

Drawing on the town’s deep connection with the mystic symbols of the Mexican folklore, the five-suite property decided to create a unique dinner to inspire and inform guests of the local culture. The tarot card dinners are led by Miguel Canseco, a tarot historian and expert tarot reader, who will lead up to 20 diners through an intimate reading revealing helpful insights that shed new light over their emotions. He will also explain the symbols and poetry embedded in tarot cards.

Courtesy Casa Delphine

“My goal is to have really interesting and new content being offered here for our guests and our community,” Amanda Keidan, owner of Casa Delphine, told Departures. “Miguel is a tarot historian as well as reader, so each dinner he brings new decks and new information to share. I want people to have a delicious dinner, make new friends, and create a memorable experience.”

The candlelight dinners request cocktail attire and include four courses, two wine pairings, and a mini tarot reading by Miguel Canseco. Keidan is also working on offering a mid-week “astrology in pajamas” evening where guests come to the hotel and have a reading in pajamas with a talented local astrologer. And despite just opening in April, the property is also set to host wellness retreats starting in 2020.

“My aim is for Casa Delphine to offer unique experiences that are creative and off the beaten path,” she said.