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You Can Rent This Entire Island in Norway

It comes with spectacular views of the northern lights


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Forget the crowds in Venice, the hoards of tourists in Honolulu and the throngs of travelers gawking over Times Square in New York City. It’s time to leave all those people in your dust and go to this teeny, tiny island town in Norway instead.

Along the icy coast of Norway sits the island of Fordypningsrommet. As Business Insider noted, there are no cars, no shops, and barely any people on it. The only way to get there is to take an hour-long boat ride from a neighboring island. But what this island does have in the place of a community is pure, unadulterated solitude underneath the Northern Lights. And, a whole bunch of adorable tiny homes you can rent.

According to Visit Norway, there are nine homes on the island, each of which has its own function: sleeping, bathroom, kitchen, sauna and more. The cottages come with either two single beds or one double bed. The entire facility comfortably sleeps 10 people, but up to 15 if you’re really pushing it. Each building is so smartly designed that it even earned an Architizer's 2018 A+Award.

But, perhaps the best part of the island oasis is the view.

“The view is formidable with the Lofoten islands in your right eye and the infinite horizon in the left,” Visit Norway wrote. “Here you can sit with a glass of wine in the tower house, study the ever-changing nature, and find the peace.”

The island is available year round, but it’s key to note that the host is only included with your stay in the summer months. At that time the host will provide food and heat up the sauna for you. You can still rent the island in winter, but you’ll have to shell out a bit extra for the host. Rent out this entire dream island for just $3,500 a week before the rest of the world finds out.


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