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A Crystal Concierge Will Curate the Perfect Wellness Prescription for You at New York’s Park Terrace Hotel

It’s just one of a handful of luxe wellness offerings at the New York hotel.


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Having an onsite concierge is par for the course at luxury hotels. And while these guest attendants can handle everything from booking restaurant reservations to arranging in-room flower deliveries, some properties are using specialty concierges to suit the specific needs of travelers, especially when it comes to wellness. There is everything from bath butlers to pillow experts. But, one Manhattan hotel went even further with their healthy offerings by providing a Crystal Concierge.

Nestled directly across from New York’s iconic Bryant Park, Park Terrace Hotel now lets guests receive a Crystal Prescription through a crystal expert. What does that mean exactly? You get a personalized Crystal Prescription curated by A State of Energy's seasoned astrologist that includes bottled crystal blends based on a holistic view of your personality, relevant personal development, transformation and/or growth, your unique time of birth and astrological chart.

The new offer is overseen by the Crystal Concierge herself, Jennifer Walsh. She has over five years of research under her belt alongside neuroscientists across the country, learning more about how humans connect with nature and subsequently, nature's emotional and physical effects on humans. As a result, Walsh co-founded A State of Energy crystals and works in tandem with seasoned astrologist Kim Allen to curate an entirely personalized experience for each guest looking to try something new at Park Terrace Hotel.

"Our hope is to bring a truly unique experience to guests of the Park Terrace Hotel that allows them to reconnect with the natural elements by way of highly personalized crystal blends," Walsh told Departures. "New York City is built on a very robust concentration of some of the most powerful and naturally occurring crystals, stones and minerals in a way that's palpable to locals and visitors alike."

She added, "Through this offering, A State of Energy creates a personalized road-map for guests of Park Terrace Hotel that helps them to understand which crystals their own energies are most compelled to, based on their astrological sign. By creating these tailored crystal blends, we hope to inspire guests to seek more nature in their daily lives and to incorporate moments of reflection and recharge long after their visit."

Of course, this isn't the only wellness amenity the hotel offers. They also offer in-room yoga mats, hydration stations throughout the hotel, mapped out local running routes on each in-room Smart TV, a fitness center with a Peloton bike and sauna.

"At Park Terrace Hotel, we recognize that daily health and wellness practices may require much more for some travelers than an on-property gym," Mark Briskin, General Manager, Park Terrace Hotel, told Departures. "This is why we are proud to go the extra mile with, and now—the introduction of our Crystal Concierge. This service offers guests a unique way to learn more about themselves, keep up with an untraditional daily practice, or can simply be a fun new experience for our guests to enjoy as a keepsake following their travels."

The Crystal Concierge is available now through the end of the year. Travelers can book their package now online via Park Terrace Hotel's website.


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