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Spend Seven Nights in Seven Treehouses

Northern Lights views are included.


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What's better than spending the night in a luxurious treehouse? Spending a week in seven different architecturally stunning treehouses. Travel company Off the Map Travel just launched a new itinerary where they do just that.

Called "Seven Nights Seven Rooms," guests can experience seven different treetop accommodations with distinctive design and location. Travelers will start at "The Dragonfly," which looks like "an insect perched among the pine trees with dramatic views of the valley," according to the company. The next night is spent in a red wooden structure called "Blue Cone" and is accessed via a bridge.

Other overnights include a spherical structure called "The UFO," the "Mirrorcube" with six panoramic windows, a camouflaged "Bird's Nest," "The Cabin," which comes with a rooftop terrace, and the "7th room," the newest, highest and largest of the treehouses at Treehotel.

While the stays are enchanting on their own, each accommodation will be paired with themed activities and experiences. You'll get to have an outdoor dinner by the Lule River, get a basic night photography lesson (with the goal of capturing the Aurora Borealis), indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, go foraging for berries, and visit Storforsen, one of the highest unrestricted white-water rapids in Europe. The final night is topped off with a seven-course dinner made with local ingredients, inspired by each room.

The entire experience is based at the Treehotel in Northern Sweden. Guests arrive in Lulea, Sweden and are then transferred into the forests where the Treehotel is located. From there you stay in the various treehouses and venture out for the daytime activities included.

While all Off the Map Travel itineraries are customizable, the "Seven Nights Seven Rooms" itinerary starts at $5,515 based on double occupancy and includes all transfers, accommodations, meals, spa treatments, and guides. The program is available from August to November.


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