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This Monochromatic Cabin on Stilts Is What Dream Homes Are Made Of

Despite being tiny, you can sleep up to six people in each cabin.


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When you dream about leaving it all and venturing out into a beautiful location, you’re actually probably daydreaming about architect Espen Surnevik’s stilted cabins and you didn’t even know it.

Before we go any further, feel free to start mentally planning your vacation to see one of these in person because they are available to rent on booking site PAN-tretopphytter. Located in Norway––right near the eastern border of Sweden––in the dense forested region of Finnskogen, two steel cabins are vaulted nearly 20 feet in the air.

You’d be surprised at how many amenities and appliances are fit into the small 430-square-foot cabins: kitchen, fireplace, full bathroom, floor heaters, and enough places to sleep to fit up to six people. To access each cabin, there’s a cage-encased spiral staircase adjacent to the home. And the interiors are just as minimally stunning as the exterior style.

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The interior contradicts the exterior color theme with pale wooden elements and blankets and other textiles made from locally sourced wool, according to Designboom. The design news site also sheds some light on Surnevik’s inspiration for the project: author and illustrator Tove Jansson, firetower designs, and traditional American A-frame lodges. “The Pan treetop cabin is the cultivated house that strangely stands alone, surrounded by the mythology of the forest,” said Surnevik on the booking website. “The cabins have a muted exterior in the woods yet they have a glowing, warm, snug and safe interior.”

Nightly rates begin around $560, depending on when you visit. For more information on how to book a stay in one of these stunning homes, visit the cabin listing.


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