Best of 2016: The 15 Most Important New Luxury Hotels

From Malibu’s redefinition of a wellness resort to a mini boom in Peru’s Sacred Valley to the reopening of the iconic Ritz Paris, these new properties join the ranks of the very best hotels in the world.

Jen Judge
OF 16

Casa Grande at Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico

Ted Turner’s Casa Grande at Vermejo Park Ranch is the crown jewel in the media mogul’s ambitious conservation mission, something we haven’t seen in the U.S. beyond our national parks. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Turner calls the ranch his private Yellowstone, and he’s not too far-fetched, considering Vermejo is about one-fourth the size of the national park. Part of Ted Turner Expeditions (TTX), the billionaire’s new ecotourism company that now gives travelers access to more than 1.1 million acres of Turner’s land through four different New Mexico, Casa Grande wildly reimagines what a wilderness lodge can be, embracing gilded elegance (think marble and mahogany rather than lodgepole pine and animal-skin throws). It’s a refreshing new way to experience the American West and its wildlife.

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