Best of 2016: The 15 Most Important New Luxury Hotels

From Malibu’s redefinition of a wellness resort to a mini boom in Peru’s Sacred Valley to the reopening of the iconic Ritz Paris, these new properties join the ranks of the very best hotels in the world.

Courtesy St. Regis Langkawi
OF 16

This list of 15 new luxury hotels, dubbed the most important hotel openings of 2016, offers more than a roundup of new bucket-list places to go: it also sheds light on the a year's worth of travel trends and elucidates the ever-evolving tastes behind what we value in a hotel stay. As stability settles over once “off-limits” destinations like Colombia, Zimbabwe, and the Middle East, major hotel brands have opened not just one, but multiple properties in these destinations, signaling a tourism comeback. New Mexico and Peru’s Sacred Valley are primed to be adventure hotspots thanks to the opening of high-end, experience-driven lodges. In the U.S., smaller cities made a power play launching excellent new hotels, many of which define a new era of luxury that favors high design over fussy amenities, the locally made over big brands. And anyone who thought Old World glamour was dead was proved wrong by the highly anticipated reopenings of the historic Ritz Paris and smart remake of the Watergate Hotel. Here, we recap the 15 hotel openings that defined the last year of travel.