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This $50,000-a-Night Suite at the Top of Monaco’s Most Iconic Hotel Comes With a Private Heated Infinity Pool

And the interior includes personal photos and items of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace.


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When it comes to legendary luxury properties, Monaco’s Hotel de Paris is unrivaled. Throughout the years, the iconic palace-hotel, founded in 1864, has hosted the likes of Winston Churchill, Coco Chanel, and, of course, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III (among many others). With its central location—in the heart of Monte Carlo—next to the municipality’s most famous Casino, the hotel has always played a central role in the life of the state.

And it seems that Hotel de Paris will continue to be the hangout spot for the world’s elite thanks to the recent completion of a four-year renovation that cost approximately $280 million. Among other things, the already-impressive property added a brand new suite that is easily one of the most stunning suites in the world.

Entering the 5,650-square-foot apartment feels like you’re stepping in a villa on the Mediterranean—while it is part of the hotel, it also feels extremely private and secluded. The views from its split-level deck are absolutely stunning—the famous Place du Casino and the glistening Mediterranean Sea open up before your eyes.

In addition to the terrace, which has a heated infinity pool, the suite includes two bedrooms each with a walk-in closet, a large main living room with a bar area, a smaller lounge with a library, a dining room, and an office space.

But to understand fully what makes the suite so unique, you have to take into consideration the history of the hotel and the special place it had in the life of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace. In 1956, the couple celebrated their wedding with a breakfast served at the property. They also regularly commemorated special anniversaries and family events at the Hotel de Paris.

That’s why the hotel paid tribute to the famous Monegasque prince by not just naming the suite after him (and another one after his wife) but also by making his personal items part of the decor. A portrait of the late Prince with his son, Albert, is hanging on one of the walls in the bright dining room while a glass cabinet full of objets d’art that belonged to Prince Rainier, and photos, also add a personal touch to the luxury décor.

And speaking of the décor, designer Richard Martinet commissioned Italian and French artisans to create the custom furniture and decorative accents in the suite. Think straw marquetry, leather headboards, and textured paints.

Guests of the suite are met at the airport (or, let’s be honest, it’s Monaco, so more like the heliport) and escorted to the hotel where all of their needs are met, thanks to a dedicated team of concierges.

Interested? Click here to book it. Rates start at $48,000 per night.


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