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Incredible Audio, Private Art Collections, and Swiss Skin Care

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Dreaming of a stint in Paris this summer? Whether you’re looking to work out of France for a few weeks or just stay for a weekend, this luxurious apartment by Mandarin Oriental, Paris, an American Express Fine Hotel & Resort Property, could be exactly what you had in mind. The Parisian Apartment, as it’s been dubbed by Mandarin Oriental, is one of the biggest hotel suites in the city. And it just opened for bookings as of mid-June 2019. Think of The Parisian Apartment like a sought-after penthouse—but a penthouse that offers private apartment dining prepared by a Michelin-starred chef.

Featuring design reminiscent of classic Parisian Haussman buildings—with some new-age flair—the four-bedroom, four-bathroom suite takes up an entire floor of the hotel. The best feature of The Parisian Apartment, of course, is the luxe terrace that runs the length of the apartment.

The terrace, by the way, is designed to mimic the gardens France is known for, and the plants are rotated seasonally and in accordance with guests’ tastes. The goal in creating such a unique terrace environment is to inspire calm even amidst the bustle of Paris.

Glamorous terrace aside, it’s the over-the-top amenities that really allow The Parisian Apartment to offer guests such a bespoke experience in the city of lights. Beyond the curated art selection by local up-and-coming artists, the ready-to-use kitchen, the Coeur de Paris teas, and the Pinel & Pinel leather goods found in the apartment, you can book private in-suite dining with a Michelin-starred chef. Thierry Marx, who's earned two Michelin stars, will prepare a meal for eight and serve it on the terrace as the in-house sommelier at Mandarin Oriental, Paris pairs Grand Crus with the meal. And if that isn’t experiencing the true grandeur of La Belle Paris, what is?


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