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This Luxury Resort in Chile Is the Best Place to Catch the Total Solar Eclipse Happening This December

There’s a meteor shower too.


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There are plenty of reasons to book a trip: food, culture, relaxation, etc. But how about considering planning a getaway for a celestial event? A total solar eclipse will pass over the Araucanía region of Chile on December 14, 2020, and one hotel is in prime position for optimal viewing.

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andBeyond Vira Vira, an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property, is perched next to the Villarica Volcano in the Lake District on a sprawling 54-acre estate, offering a front-row (and completely secluded) seat to watch the shadow of the moon cast across the sun. What’s more, is the annual Geminids Meteor Shower will take place that very same night. So, visitors can see the eclipse by day and stars falling by night.

The property provides a unique and luxurious perspective for both events. You can sit in a private outdoor hot tub or cozy lounger along the riverbank as you watch nature’s light show take place. After, you can retire to one of the suites, villas, or haciendas to ruminate on the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Of course, there’s plenty to keep you busy beyond witnessing celestial occurrences. The property is home to an on-site quesería where local cheese-maker Marisol Martinez guides guests through the three-year-long milk-to-cheese process. You can also partake in a community visit to the town of Curarrehue to learn the traditions of the local Mapuche culture—from weaving techniques to spiritual tales of the towering volcano. And there are outdoor adventures like fly fishing, horseback riding, trekking through the national park, and heli biking.

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This is just another part of andBeyond’s mission to provide unique opportunities for its guests. They also offer customizable private jet journeys to keep travelers safe while still checking items off their bucket lists. One trip could include visiting game reserves in both East and Southern Africa, city sights in Cape Town, beach days on a private island in Zanzibar, and dune hikes in the Namib Desert.


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