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The Stafford London is known for its impressive history and frequent visits by high-profile guests. After all, Prince William and Prince Harry, respectively, even used the hotel’s American Bar as their “local” before they were married. But it’s the lesser-known requests filled for guests over the years that would genuinely impress you.

Throughout his nearly 25 year tenure at the hotel, Executive Concierge Frank Liano ensures every guest receives the highest standard of personalized service. He has not only able to secure last-minute theater tickets, reservations to best restaurants in the city, or next-to-impossible Wimbledon tickets—but can make the most obscure requests into a reality.

Here, Liano shares some of the most over-the-top asks he made happen.

Shipped a London Double Decker to the United States

“This was such a fun thing to do,” said Liano. “The client was from Texas and loved riding on the top deck of the bus when he was in London (even though he was a very wealthy man). In conversation, I mentioned to him that the old Routemaster buses were being sold off, and I jokingly suggested that he buy one. The rest was simply logistics.”

Arranged for a Bespoke Savile Row Suit for a Dog

“A very elegant Irish lady used to own an Italian greyhound that she carried around in her bag and used to place on my desk when she would stop by,” he said. “I always commented on the fact the dog was always shivering, and she said she had trouble finding a coat that fit him properly. I (again) jokingly said that my good friends who were Savile Row tailors could arrange a fitting. And so it happened, and the pooch was given a VIP fitting at Denman & Goddard, Savile Row, and eventually had two bespoke doggy suits made. I have to report that he still shivered, but he looked exceedingly smart!”

Coordinated a Private Tour in Buckingham Palace to View a Vermeer Painting

“This was for a doctor from Hawaii whose lifelong ambition is to see every Vermeer painting,” said Liano. “He was up to 32 of 34 of the remaining two. An anonymous private collector holds one, and one is owned by The Queen and is in the private apartment at Buckingham Palace (which is never open to the public). He had tried unsuccessfully to get permission to see this, and thankfully I was able to assist with this, and he was thrilled. He has promised to let me know if he ever manages to see the final one. But thus far, no luck.”


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