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18 Unique Luxury Treehouses Designed by Contemporary Artists to Open in the Loire Valley

The modern structures will stand out in the historic area.


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When you think of the Loire Valley in France, old-world villages and storybook chateaus typically come to mind. But a new property opening in the area will bring a bit of modern flair to the storied part of the country. Loire Valley Lodges will feature 18 luxurious treehouse lodges, each designed by a different contemporary artist.

The Lucien, for example, is dedicated to Serge Gainsbourg and comes with a turntable to play the artist's music. Another has a colorful 1960s design, while Jacques Bosser's Uzume design is a black and white spectacle, and the Nude lodge by Gilles Ballini features everything in its raw form. There's also the Ekalogic, designed by Argentino-Swedish artist Eka Acosta, which draws inspiration from the local deer and woodcock.

Although they are all different, each treehouse boasts 375-square-feet of living space and a 270-square-foot terrace with a private spa. In addition to the lodges, a renovated farmhouse will house a pool, bar and lounge space, and restaurant. There will also be room service available, and many contemporary art sculptures can be found throughout the grounds.

All of this is perfectly situated deep within 750 acres of forest. That's why guests are encouraged to take part in a variety of activities, such as forest bathing, biking, ballooning, and to explore wonders of the Loire Valley. The property is located just a quick drive away from some of the region's most iconic chateaus, such as Château de Chenonceau and Château d'Amboise. And, of course, there are plenty of vineyards to sample the region's fresh and fruity wines.

The hotel put it best, writing on their website, "Contemporary art blends in every corner of the forest. The trees give you their secrets; the taste of a dish or a glass of wine shakes your taste buds. The comfort of our lodges open to the forest by large windows and private terrace promotes your immersion in the raw nature. The spa and massages open the way to Sylvian well-being based on essential oils from our trees. In this natural and warm setting, time stops. And your senses awaken. Nature enters into your deepest interior to make your experience an unforgettable journey."

As of now, Loire Valley Lodges is set to open on July 1, with rates starting at €285 ($307) per night.


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