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Mexican Resort Offers Guests Private and On-Demand Jet for the Ultimate Socially-Distanced Vacation

The offer includes a five-night stay and flight.


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After months of quarantine, travelers are itching to hit the road. But, they want to do it safely and comfortably. That’s why Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort and American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property is launching LVP Wings, a new members-only, on-demand private charter journey in partnership with Jet & More. And it’s actually affordable.

How does it work? Jet & More was recently launched by GOODWILL to offer travelers the ability to initiate, crowdfund, or privatize a direct flight. Therefore, Jet & More is the only way to reduce the total charter flight price with its pay per-seat basis. Travelers will be paired with other members to book a private group charter plane from Dallas Love Field Airport, Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, or Teterboro Airport just outside of Manhattan to Las Ventanas al Paraíso.

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Once you arrive at the private air terminal at Cabo San Lucas International Airport, you will complete a temperature check and health screening questionnaire. You will then be privately transported to the resort, which is sterilized before each use. Then, of course, you get to enjoy five nights in five-star accommodations.

“Las Ventanas has seen a steady rise in bookings since reopening in July given our trusted status as the top luxury resort in Los Cabos with natural physical distancing and safety measures,” said Frederic Vidal, managing director of Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort, in a statement. “Our guests are looking for privacy and safety, and LVP Wings paired with our Sense of Arrival plane side immigration service at Cabo San Lucas Airport, and other personalized experiences presents a well-rounded journey from arrival to departure.”

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The all-in-one offer begins at $7,000 per traveler for a five-night stay, and the first flights will commence the week of Thanksgiving 2020. Members will continue to have access through the festive period and into 2021 for popular holiday weekends such as President’s Day Weekend Martin Luther King Day Weekend and beyond.


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