This Is the Lavish Suite Where George Lucas Stayed on Lake Como

Courtesy Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

It has a rich presidential history too.

When you think of Star Wars, Lake Como doesn’t typically come to mind. But the two have a unique connection. You might be surprised to know that the iconic Star Wars scene in the 1999 Attack of The Clones where Padme and Anakin stand overlooking an almost impossibly beautiful vista was filmed on location in Lake Como, Italy

Luigi Rota/Courtesy Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

Plus, while busy location scouting for the film– George Lucas spent his time in the aptly named Imperial Suite at the beautiful Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni. And that very same suite happens to be the largest suite on Lake Como. In fact, it’s actually a combination of two Deluxe Rooms and two Senior Suites (the JFK Suite and the Churchill Suite)—plus the central hall that adjoins them. All of these are adjoining rooms, when the area is closed off, becomes one exclusive private suite encompassing 320 square meters.

Luigi Rota/Courtesy Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

And, as you’d imagine, the space is fit for royalty with luxury amenities like complimentary champagne, a private lounge area and gorgeous views of the lake through floor to ceiling windows and an en-suite balcony. Guests also have access to a personal butler to cater to their needs and get to sleep among historical pieces. For example, inside the central hall, there’s a grand piano played by Franz Liszt 150 years ago, and original paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries line the walls. 

Luigi Rota/Courtesy Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

The suite also comes with a rich history of guests. John F. Kennedy came in 1963 and took up the entire floor. His staff even installed special phones that were directly connected to the White House. Al Pacino stayed in the suite in 1977 during the filming of Bobby Deerfield. And, the suite has also played host to Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt.

While there’s plenty of nods to the past, the suite was recently renovated, adding contemporary amenities like Jacuzzi bathtubs and wireless charging. Bookings are now open for 2020.