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This Las Vegas Hotel Room Has a Bowling Alley in the Room

Basketball fans should listen up, too.


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On Thursday, two brand-new suites were unveiled at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and anyone who’s into bowling or basketball is about to get really excited.

A $690-million renovation that began in 2016 came to an end by debuting the Hardwood and Kingpin suites, named after— you guessed it—the activities you can participate in within the actual rooms.

Let’s start with the Kingpin Suite: The living room is dedicated to housing a bowling alley, complete with shoes, balls, and automatic scoring. Expect all of the furnishings of the best alleys of the 1970s (think: leather banquettes and borderline cheesy paintings in a rainbow of colors). For $15,000 a night, all of this could be yours to live out your Big Lebowski dreams.

The Hardwood Suite is a bit more expensive at $20,000 a night, but the design is a bit more intriguing. The two-bedroom, 10,000-square-foot accommodation is centered around an artist-painted basketball court. Artist Joshua Vides used a black-and-white palette, so you can bet this isn’t the basketball court of your childhood gym days. The best part: If you need a quick on-the-spot nap or you just need sleeping space for more bodies, three murphy beds drop down from the walls of the gym. It gets better: The suite also has a hidden whisky bar and a game room with pool and poker tables, according to Travel + Leisure.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Las Vegas with enough amenities to keep you entertained for a full weekend without leaving the resort, this may be your kind of thing. Head to the Palms Casino Resort website for more information.


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