Over 1,000 Pieces of Hand-Cut Wood Flow Together to Make This Greek Hotel Suite an Architectural Masterpiece

Courtesy Hyades Mountain Resort

The stunning space looks like a chic cave.

Hyades Mountain Resort in Greece is one of the world's most unique hotels. It's perched on Mount Kyllini in the village of Trikala Korinthias at an altitude of 3,600 feet. And though it features breathtaking views of the Corinthian Gulf, it's one suite, in particular, that's certain to grab your attention.

Courtesy Hyades Mountain Resort

Called the "Wooden Cave," the room is made from 1,112 pieces of hand-cut spruce perfectly placed together for a sleek yet cozy feel. The open layout features two beds built into a set of stairs, a dining table, and kitchenette all made from wood while the curved ceiling and walls add to the cave-like feel. Even elements like the cupboards dining table and floorboards are made from wood, but this time knotless pine.

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Meanwhile, the front half of the suite is outfitted with grey tiles to provide a striking contrast. "This division intends to create a clear distinction between the hard, 'protective' shell and the curved, 'inviting' interior, reminiscent of the form of a cave that has been used as a refuge and a haven throughout human existence," explained Tenon Architecture, who was responsible for the unique design. 

Courtesy Hyades Mountain Resort

The creative studio used a computer program to size and shape each piece of wood before being cut by hand on-site by architects Apostolos Mitropoulos and Thanos Zervos. They were then slotted together to create 55 larger modules before being smoothed again by hand and assembled into the final structure. 

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"The absence of any digital fabrication methods in the construction resulted in the adoption of a more sculptural approach towards the final form," added the studio.

Courtesy Hyades Mountain Resort

And to ensure proper airflow during the warmer months, the studio opted not to have the wooden structure directly contacting the concrete shell. This allowed for free airflow. 

Elsewhere in the suite, you'll find black details like the faucets and hanging kitchen lamp while the bathroom sink and tub are white. But that bathtub is perfectly placed alongside the window to get unobstructed views while taking a relaxing bath.